barber chair ashtray

Vintage Barber Chair Armrest Ashtray Koken, Kochs, Paidar, Belmont etc.

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This is a custom reproduction of an antique barber shop chair armrest ashtray. More so than the headrest an ashtray is the most coveted part of a vintage barber chair as very few of the originals are in existence today. Although this is not an original ashtray it will look amazing on your antique barber chair in your vintage barber shop, rec room, man cave or garage. 

The main body of the ashtray measures approximately 4-3/8" diameter by 2-1/8" tall.  The standard ashtray comes with a 1/4" outside diameter by 1-7/16" long post which is offset to tone side for mounting. It will work on most chairs by Koken Barber Supply Co, Theo AThe removable top on this ashtray includes a permanent cigar/cigarette rest and collapsible tray to eliminate ashes quickly.  Kochs, Emil J Paidar, Berninghaus, F F Koenigkramer and more.

Customize the ashtray to meet your requirements with a larger 5/16" outside diameter post and/or shorter length for a more shallow mounting bracket. The post location can also be centered rather than offset to the edge if desired.

If you are not sure which dimensions will work best for your chair, need a mounting bracket for this ashtray, an original ashtray, other antique barber chair parts or vintage barbershop fixtures please text anytime +1 816-589-8112.  -Noah